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Local and UK fans dominate demand for Qatar’s Club World Cup

UK-based fans have snapped up 14 per cent of the allocated FIFA Club World Cup Visa Presale tickets, while local Qatari fans have accounted for 60 per cent of the total.

The initial phase, which ended yesterday (Thursday), shifted a total of 27,896 tickets, with Brazilian fans rounding out the top three in demand by representing four per cent of sales.

The tournament will feature seven teams, with two of the spots yet to be determined as they will be taken up by the winners of the Copa Libertadores and AFC Champions League later this month.

UEFA Champions League winner Liverpool will join at the semi-final stage, with Al-Sadd from Qatar, Hienghène Sport from New Caledonia, Monterrey from Mexico and Espérance de Tunis from Tunisia entering in the earlier stages.

The most popular match has unsurprisingly been the final, taking place on December 21, with all 10,085 tickets available in this sales phase having been snapped up.

In addition, all Visa Presale ticket inventory for the semi-final between Premier League club Liverpool and the winners of Match 2 has now been allocated.

Those who missed out in this round will have another chance to secure a seat from November 14 through to the end of the tournament.

Tickets are priced in three categories, starting at QAR 25 (£5.50/€6.15/$6.87) for Category 3 tickets up to QAR 400 for a Category 1 ticket for the third-place play off and final.

Fans purchasing a single ticket for double-header matchdays will be able to attend both games at the stadium.