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Ticketbud tipoff American Basketball Association growth

Event ticketing platform Ticketbud has teamed up with the American Basketball Association (ABA) ahead of the new season which tips off this week.

The ABA includes over 150 teams across the US, and has 1,500 games scheduled for the 2019-20 season, which runs from November to March, and has traditionally sold game tickets offline, limiting fan and sales growth.

Pre-sold game tickets give the ABA early access to funds and the ability to reach new audiences through digital channels.

Through the partnership with Ticketbud, the ABA has set up an overarching landing page that highlights all the teams currently offering online tickets. Each team then has their own team page with customised images and content, showcasing their games as individual events. It also gives teams the freedom to operate independently financially, with separate accounts, while online ticketing also gives the ABA an easy way to collect fees from teams by building it into the ticket price.

Kayhan Ahmadi, Ticketbud chief executive, said: “We look forward to a strong partnership with the ABA. It’s all about the value of customer data and buyer behaviour insights. Building customer profiles from data allows the ABA to have more impact with their ongoing customer engagement, targeted communication and promotions.”

The partnership with Ticketbud, which offers flexible pay-outs, comprehensive reporting and event data, will allow fans to enter stadiums via mobile or print-at-home tickets.

Ticketbud gives teams the ability to offer various ticket types, from family passes, early bird sales or other special promotions. They also have the option to sell merchandise and collect donations for fundraising.

Joe Newman, ABA chief executive and co-founder, added: “I want to grow the relationship between Ticketbud and the ABA, with more and more teams taking advantage of this partnership as they see the tremendous advantage Ticketbud provides.”