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TixTrack’s Ticketure adopted by Grand Rapids Museum

Grand Rapids Public Museum in Michigan, US has integrated Ticketure, TixTrack’s member and visitor services cloud-based ticketing solution.

The move is a step away from print-at-home paper ticket to a digital experience for visitors and members, with the museum already reporting an uptick in digital adoption.

Grand Rapids Public Museum said it chose Ticketure due to its focus on improving the visitor experience, as well as providing intelligent reporting capabilities and an ease at which overall administration is handled.

“Changes like this are crucial for ensuring the best experience for more than 250,000 visitors annually and allow us to move to a more digital experience and having a greener impact on the environment, and working with Ticketure has helped us to accomplish this,” said Kate Kocienski, vice-president of marketing and PR at the GRPM.

“The switch to a new, customised platform through Ticketure has given the Grand Rapids Public Museum’s members and visitors a better website experience to pre-purchase tickets before visiting, as well as a faster and better experience at the Museum’s front desk and other point of sale stations throughout the Museum. The GRPM has already seen an increase in online ticket sales and digital adoption and we are looking forward to how Ticketure will continue to have a positive impact on our operations.”

The attraction is among the oldest history museums in the United States, featuring over 250,000 artefacts and specimens, a Digistar projection and immersive surround sound Planetarium, to a 1928 Spillman Carousel complete with music from a Wurlitzer band organ.

Brian Stallings, TixTrack’s director of business development, added: “We are excited to partner with the Grand Rapids Public Museum and play an important role in improving the guest experience of their members, visitors and staff.

“Ticketure is an innovative solution for organisations who are ready to focus on improving their guest experience, increasing online sales, offering digital ticketing capabilities to their guests and quickly being able to understand complex data with our included BI reporting tools.”

Image: John Eisenschenk