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Audio technology firm Lisnr gains investment from Visa

Audio technology firm Lisnr, which has been used by Ticketmaster and other ticketing firms, has teamed up with Visa to drive its mobile payments growth.

Through the agreement, Visa is also investing in the data transmission platform to power transactions across the customer journey globally.

Lisnr’s technology enables merchants and payment providers to universally accept mobile payment data securely. This is a single technology that can live across touchpoints like scan-and-go, store pickups, pay zones, Point-of-Sale, at home with e-commerce, and even voice-enabled purchases.

The advantages also span beyond payments as it can drive other use cases at these touch-points, such as proximity messages, authentication, and identification.

“Lisnr is a better method vs. alternatives like NFC or QR codes for mobile payments globally, it decentralises payment scenarios across a wide range of payment moments with advanced data protection, ability to transact at a distance and concurrent transactions – all which are designed to accelerate payments overall,” said Eric Allen, chief executive of Lisnr.

“We are excited about our growing relationship with Visa and are looking forward to continuing to drive innovation in financial services.”

Lisnr, which was founded in 2012, has pioneered data over sound solutions and its ultrasonic platform. Since 2017, Ticketmaster Presence used the technology to allow event attendees’ ‘tickets’ to be verified by an ultrasonic connection between their mobile phone and the venue’s systems. If they are a verified ticket holder their mobile will emit a tone that registers with the venue’s Lisnr-enabled device by turning it green.

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