Tickets Ignite, a ticketing company that uses booking fees to fund arts projects, has launched a series of funding grants to support new work.

The firm is offering four grants of £1,000 each for any artist or organisation that has been involved in an event the company has ticketed since its creation in 2017.

The ticketing platform takes 30 per cent of the profits from booking fees into its Ignite Fund, which it later allocates as grants for new work.

Founders Emily Thommes and Oscar Wyatt are reportedly aiming to double the amount of funding it offers each year, with projections looking to offer £120,000 in five years’ time.

The firm has already allocated £2,000, but the company has now opened up the Ignite Fund with £4,000 of grants, which will be doubled next year.

Tickets Ignite has so far teamed up with the Bristol Shakespeare Festival, Alphabetti Theatre in Newcastle and Blue Elephant Theatre in Camberwell.

Thommes, who is a theatre producer, said, according to The Stage: “Ticketing is a multibillion pound industry and relies on artists creating work that people flock to, yet it doesn’t serve it financially. We are trying to change that with Tickets Ignite. This second fund is a small but significant step towards reshaping the ticketing industry to better serve the arts.”

Grant applications are open until January 31, with the company adding: “We want to fund high quality, ambitious art. This can be in any form – theatre, music, comedy, dance, visual art, cross art form etc. We are looking for projects that demonstrate artistic excellence, ambition and passion.”

Image: David Joyce