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New Sydney Coliseum signs data-insights partner

Sydney Coliseum, the new multi-purpose theatrical development in the Australian city, has signed Activity Stream as its data-visualisation partner.

The venue, which is in the final stages of construction, accommodates a 2,000-seat audience within the main auditorium and features seven bars, multiple event spaces, full stage-sized rehearsal room, Green Room, dressing rooms for 90 and luxury VIP Suites.

Activity Stream focuses on technology solutions within the live entertainment and sports industries, with several ticketing partners, such as Ticketmaster and Eventim. The platform applies artificial intelligence and data analytics to create actionable insights.

The firm will be used by the Sydney Coliseum to track sales data, intimately understand audiences, their habits and origins and manage their marketing campaigns more efficiently.

Activity Stream can be instantly used by the service without needing a lengthy set-up time, allowing the Coliseum’s ticketing and sales infrastructure to be set up months before the first show.

The simple interface also allows for anyone working in the theatre to use the system, as well as partners and collaborators.

Activity Stream said: “The team at the theatre were not only impressed with how much Activity Stream could potentially improve their sales results but also identified that having one central hub for analysis presented an opportunity to save time currently spent on analysing data from multiple platforms. Taking this type of approach was vital for the Coliseum’s small team, enabling them to achieve huge goals in their inaugural year of operation.”

Image: Activity Stream