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UK tourism agency under investigation for alleged ticketing fraud

UK tourism agency Go West With Mickey is under investigation by police for allegedly selling £370,000 worth of Disneyland Paris trips that did not exist.

UK police revealed it is looking into 419 accusations of fraud, having closed its website and Facebook page after receiving a flood of complaints.

The Go West With Mickey owner was reportedly interviewed by police, but later released with no charges against him, but he remains under investigation.

In October, the company issued a statement on its website stating it was “dead” and that all of its bank accounts were frozen, also noting “there has been mistakes, yes it was a company of five staff who also made mistakes.”

However, many customers claim the firm stopped replying to messages on social media apps as well as blocking private phone numbers.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed Action Fraud had referred the case to them. A spokeswoman said: “It encompasses 419 allegations of fraud. The estimated loss at this stage is £370,000. Inquiries are ongoing.”

A spokesperson for Disneyland Paris added: “Go West With Mickey is not an official commercial partner. They are an unauthorised reseller.”