Google has teamed up French digital media giant Webedia’s cinema division, The Boxoffice Company, to streamline the online movie ticket-buying process.

The partnership combines the voice-enabled Google Assistant and emerging Duplex AI phone tool with the online ticketing operations of 70 exhibitors and ticketing services in the US and UK.

The new functionality is looking to make selecting showtimes and seats and then paying for and managing tickets easier. Launch partners include AMC, and Odeon, with discussions ongoing with other firms, according to website Deadline.

The Boxoffice Company said it saw a 20 per cent to 25 per cent rise in the number of customers who ended up buying a ticket compared with those who did not use the Google-aided system over the course of several months of testing.

Marine Suttle, Boxoffice Company SVP and chief product officer, told Deadline: “It’s a helper. It speeds up the checkout process and focuses on refining the options.”