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Arsenal raise security to repel banned Eintracht fans

Arsenal has enhanced its security procedures ahead of this week’s Europa League game with Eintracht Frankfurt as it attempts to keep the German club’s banned fans away.

Eintracht has been banned by UEFA from selling tickets to its away supporters for two Europa League matches following disorder at the recent game against Vitoria.

As it attempts to identify any Eintracht fans who may try to attend the match, Arsenal said it will implement additional entry procedures outside the Emirates Stadium.

On approach to the turnstiles, supporters will need to show their physical ticket to stewards. Then at the turnstiles, stewards will make a check of the validity of the ticket to gain access.

Arsenal said turnstiles will open no later than 6.30pm ahead of the game, which kicks off at 8pm.

“These measures will undoubtedly slow down entry into stadium for supporters, but if fans plan their journey and arrive in good time, we are hoping that any delays will be minimal,” Arsenal said in a statement.

“These additional measures have been put in place to prevent ticketless supporters, or those that have purchased fake/invalid tickets, attempting to ‘tailgate’ or force their way into the stadium, as they should not be able to pass the first check.”

Arsenal said any home fans who are identified to have sold tickets to away supporters could be banned from attending games.

“We remind all our supporters not to allow your tickets to end up in the hands of Eintracht Frankfurt fans,” Arsenal said. “The club will take the appropriate action against any member found passing, selling or offering their ticket for sale, which will lead to a cancellation of their membership resulting in a ban.”

“Any Eintracht Frankfurt supporters in possession of a home ticket will be refused entry, and any who do manage to gain entry will face ejection from the stadium.”