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TicketSocket powers ahead with Spartan

TicketSocket has become the ticketing partner of Spartan, the global endurance and obstacle race organisation.

The California-headquartered white label ticketing solutions provider will work with the brand, which attracts more than one million annual registrants from more than 40 countries to its 250 annual events.

Spartan said it chose the TicketSocket platform due to its ability to handle the complexities of its business while streamlining its registration checkout funnel to maximise conversions.

“TicketSocket’s flexible and customisable plug framework model will provide Spartan with a highly customisable and efficient solution for their large-scale obstacle course races for the foreseeable future,” Spartan said.

TicketSocket, which operates in more than 35 countries and processes over $750m in tickets annually, said it has spent more than six months developing tools to further enhance and streamline the customer experience when registering for Spartan’s events.

TicketSocket said its tools will enable Spartan to improve registration experience and conversion through white label checkout flow. Spartan will also be able to own its platform without the cost of building and maintaining technology, and increase conversions and reduce internal management time and costs. Finally, Spartan will retain control over control brand, money, data and functionality.

“Our registration software is extremely helpful and very flexible for any race or team-oriented registration event,” said Mark Miller, CEO of TicketSocket.

“The features are customised to support an increase in conversion for sign-ups and provides an efficient way to capture attendee information changes and transfers. The platform’s administration management tools also provide companies like Spartan with a tremendous amount of control over the information and registration process.”

Image: Alan Levine