Martin Gammeltoft, vice-president of commercial operations at Activity Stream, said its partnership with the Barbican Centre in London offers new opportunities to “link audiences together.”

The business solution provider teamed up with the largest cultural institution in Europe last week, in a move intended to improve the marketing and customer experience for specific events and groups.

It also allows for the Barbican Centre, which hosts a program ranging from classical concerts to lectures and movies, spanning multiple concert halls, conference rooms, and a cinema, to draw links across different events or interest groups.

Gammeltoft told “The Barbican has a unique position in the industry due to its presence in a number of different entertainment markets. A visit to the Barbican could mean taking a trip to the cinema, theatre or to a gallery or dance event.

“As such, they attract a far wider range of demographics than your average theatre space. Partnering with Activity Stream means that the potential in this hugely diverse data set can be tapped into, offering new opportunities to understand and link audiences together.”

The Barbican Centre sells more than one million tickets per year to over 3,701 events and welcomes 2,647 different artists.

Activity Stream focuses on technology solutions within the live entertainment and sports industries, with several ticketing partners, such as Ticketmaster and Eventim. The platform applies artificial intelligence and data analytics to create actionable insights.

Eden Guin, the senior marketing manager at the Barbican Centre, said he could see how the platform would help people in many roles in the organisation.

He added: “The ability to go from a top-level overview of sales down to a specific customer in seconds will be a very valuable tool for us.”

Having recently decided to change ticketing platform, migrating from ENTA to Spektrix, the data flow and customer intelligence has been key to Andrew Hayes, head of systems and data at the Barbican.

He added: “The ability to connect sales and customer history across multiple platforms is key to us, in a time of transition. Add to this that we’ll now see sales connected to digital campaigns and sales channels, this is a whole new level of decision support for us.”

Image: Romazur