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Tickster brings ticketing system to Sweden’s Småland’s Music & Theater

Småland’s Music & Theater (Smot) has teamed up with Swedish digital ticketing firm Tickster as its new supplier for events arranged at the house for performing arts, Kulturhuset Spira.

The entertainment business presents a varied selection of musical, music, theatre and dance for children, adolescents and adults, in and outside Jönköping County.

In 2018, Småland’s Music & Theater presented more than 630 events, welcoming over 100,000 ticket-buyers.

The agreement will see Tickster deliver its own developed systems for ticket sales and table management to be applied at the 1,700-capacity theatre.

“From Tickster’s side, this is obviously very exciting and confirms that our offer covers the various needs that an organiser with as wide a range as Smot can have,” said Johan Skogsberg, sales manager at Tickster.

Earlier this year, Tickster partnered with Liseberg amusement park located in Gothenburg, Sweden, which is one of the most visited amusement parks in Scandanavia.