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Venue Valet launches cinema app for ticketing, loyalty

Venue Valet has launched a cinema mobile app in partnership with Houston-based Star Cinema Grill, encompassing ticket buying, loyalty, and food and beverage orders, among other features.

The Star Cinema Grill VIP Mobile Application allows cinema-goers to buy tickets based on specific searches based on their personalised preferences.

Matthew Mader, president of Venue Valet, said: “We recognise that purchasing movie tickets with your mobile phone has often been a confusing and frustrating experience. Our mobile application starts by taking the guesswork out of the guests hands and gets them through the ticket purchase process fast by allowing them to search for seats based on availability, quality of seats, or time frame that meets their preferences.

“We worked directly with Star Cinema Grill to provide them an application that truly changes the way guests can purchase tickets with their phone because that’s where the guest experience starts. In addition, the mobile app is the start of bringing a true VIP experience to the cinema industry that will open up several new lines of revenue for the cinema.”

The new app will tie-in with the Star Cinema Grill VIP loyalty programme to personalise the mobile experience for fans.

The application will soon allow guests to request refills, participate in trivia contests, receive customised food and beverages, as well as provide third party offers and allow consumers to pre-select their food and beverage order based on recommendations from previous purchases stored in their VIP profile.

Jason Ostrow, vice-president of development at Star Cinema Grill, said: “We didn’t just want another way for our guests to purchase a ticket online, they can already do that by going to our website using their smart phone. We wanted to simplify and enhance the guest experience, from ticketing to offers to loyalty, with many more future features to come. The app will become a one-stop shop for all things Star Cinema Grill.”

Venue Valet has developed the mobile application so it can be customised for other cinema exhibitors, with a view to benefiting from the additional revenue streams.

Mader added: “Because we are the leading provider of call button systems for dine in cinemas, Venue Valet is in a unique position because much of the software integration into the cinemas critical theatre management systems such as ticket and food and beverage point of sale has already been done.

“We are taking advantage of years of software development and experience with our cinema partners to define the future of the cinema experience by giving the guest exactly what they want, when they want it in addition to enabling the cinema to engage with their guests 365 days a year through creative features and value built into the mobile app.”