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Cedar Point celebrates 150-years with lifetime tickets

Ohio’s Cedar Point theme park has unveiled its ‘Ticket of a Lifetime,’ giving 150 winners free passes that grant admission for life.

Cedar Point is a 364-acre amusement park located on a Lake Erie peninsula in Sandusky, Ohio, and is celebrating its 150th anniversary during the 2020 season, with a range of new attractions and features, including the new ticket option.

The ticket includes unlimited admission to Cedar Point, Cedar Point Shores Waterpark, free parking and more.

Each lifetime pass winner will get to choose three guests who will also receive a free ticket for life, bring the total to 600 passes.

Guests can enter for the tickets from February and will have the chance to win online, outside the park and at Cedar Point.

As part of its 150-year celebration the attraction is also announced “massive interactive midway experience,” which will run from mid-June through mid-August. Lisa Jones, director of live entertainment, called it “much more than a parade,” with giant floats, audience interactions and more, culminating in a giant street party.

It is also opening a new water ride, Snake River Expedition, which will feature new boats, live actors and guest interaction.

Image: Craig Lloyd