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Digital ID platform teams up with ticketing firm for anti-touting gig

Digital identity platform Yoti has teamed up with student ticketing app Native to promote a British tour featuring the DJ duo Sigma.

The tour has been set up to showcase Yoti’s anti-touting ticketing capabilities. The digital identity specialist is claiming that its new tech can prevent people buying large blocks of tickets and reselling them at exorbitant prices.

Fans can buy tickets through the Yoti app and each customer’s photo and name will be embedded within the QR code on the ticket. The QR code is scanned on entry to share the ticket and ID in one.

Student concert-goers can enter a ballot to win free tickets for The Untoutable Tour prior to £5 earlybird tickets going on sale. The second release of tickets will be capped at £10 and Yoti said, “you can bet all your pennies that you won’t see them on any ticketing resale platform.”

The two firms first launched their partnership back in August, allowing Native users to log into the app using Yoti’s digital identity platform instead of using a password. Yoti also provides proof of age for people trying to buy tickets to age-restricted events.

The Untoutable Tour kicks off on February 16 and will run until March 17.

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