K-Pop and hip-hop concerts are the genres that sell the most single tickets, according to data from secondary ticketing firm Vivid Seats.

The resale company looked at ticket purchases in the US and Canada from 2015 to 2019, which revealed that over 80 per cent of all ticket purchases were for at least two people, while 13 per cent were for four or more.

The data shows that just 16 per cent of tickets were snagged by single individuals, with hip-hop concerts selling 31.5 per cent of passes to individuals.

The next highest uptake was from K-pop fans, with 26.8 per cent purchasing just one ticket, and alternative music fans at 23.1 per cent.

Meanwhile, opera tickets took just 5.9 per cent of single tickets and world music took 6.8 per cent, which music-business professor at Belmont University, Don Cusic, told Quartz could be down to age.

Cusic said that he believes the motivation to attend a concert alone decreases with age, and that younger fans are more likely to go to a hip-hop or K-pop show alone, while older fans are more likely to attend an opera or world music show with someone else.

Additionally, hip-hop, K-pop, and alternative shows are more likely to have general admission tickets and that concerts with ‘pit’ sections allow music fans to buy tickets separately and meet up with friends at the show.

Image: 디스패치 / Dispatch