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Sheffield Wednesday launches 10-year season ticket

Sheffield Wednesday has launched a 10-year season ticket, which will only kick in once the Championship club is promoted to the Premier League.

The offer means prices are frozen at the 2020-21 early bird rate, though the 10 years will not commence until the club are first promoted.

Therefore, any season prior to promotion is essentially free as they are covered in the cost paid, and the club assures fans that the ticket will be valid for a minimum of 15 years.

There is no maximum to the numbers of years outside the Premier League. For example, if Sheffield Wednesday achieve promotion in 18 years, those first 18 years are free and then the 10 years start to count down.

A limited number of the adult tickets will be made available with the cheapest priced at £4,550 for the Hillsborough Kop, which is behind the goal, and the most expensive at £6,400 for the two-tier South Stand, which runs along the side of the pitch at the 39,732-capacity stadium.

The club currently sits in sixth position in the Championship – and last played in the Premier League in 1999-2000. The club claims that even if they go up to the Premier League between now and 2025, the ticket will remain valid until 2035.

All 10-year season ticket holders will be classed as standard Season Ticket holders and will qualify for respective benefits accordingly.

Supporters can sell a year back to the club for an administration fee depending on the area of the ground and the number of tickets sold back. Whilst in the Championship the price would be based on a 10th of the fee paid (eg £4,550/10 = £455) and in the Premier League, the cost will depend on the price at that time.

Image: Ian & Amy Mergard