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Tickets.com teams up with 3D Digital Venue at new Texas Rangers ballpark

Tickets.com has partnered with 3D Digital Venue to boost the fan experience of season ticket holders using 3D technology at Globe Life Field, the new home of Major League Baseball (MLB) team the Texas Rangers.

Globe Life Field, which broke ground in September 2017, is currently being built as a public-private partnership between the Rangers and the City of Arlington, with a planned opening date of March 14.

During the design phase, 3D visualisation was used to resolve potential issues with restricted seat views and undetected design spots at the 48,114-seat venue, allowing the Rangers to correct seat positioning at an early stage of development.

Tickets.com and 3D Digital Venue have teamed up to apply the technology to ticketing, optimising the experience for patrons purchasing tickets online via the MyProVenue interface.

The 3D Digital Venue platform uses video-game engines to generate a 3D virtual reality representation of a venue, as well as a 360-degree view from each seat. The seat selection journey starts with a bird’s eye view of the venue, where the user is able to pick a seating section. Once a section is selected, MyProVenue displays one or more seat tiles containing pricing details, as well as an icon for displaying a 3D view from the selected seat.

The 360-degree seat view provides venues with increased visibility of the property, the ability to sell premium areas and provide powerful information to share with performers.

“Through the support within Registered Development Program at Tickets.com, we have solved issues and are delivering the best experience possible,” said Lluis Pascual, chief marketing officer at 3D Digital Venue.

The Texas Rangers welcomed an average attendance of 26,333 in 2019.

Image: Tickets.com