Boundary Devices is now offering near-field communication (NFC) paperless ticketing through its Nitrogen Access Control system at North American venues.

The supplier of ARM-based single board computers and system on modules for the general embedded market said its technology is already being deployed in the premium suites of Arrowhead Stadium, the 76,000-capacity home of the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs.

California-based Boundary Devices said the Chiefs have chosen to use the technology after NFL mandated that all ticketing go mobile ahead of the 2019-20 season, with teams across the league turning to mobile-only ticket entry to improve operational efficiencies. Boundary Devices said the Nitrogen Access Control product is designed to enhance security by checking and validating credentials at venues and make customer entrance speedier.

“Secure access control into our premium suites is one of our top priorities. It’s important that we protect the exclusivity of their ticket, while providing a seamless method of entry for their guests,” said Justin Sauser, director of ticket operations at the Kansas City Chiefs. “Our Boundary suite scanners have allowed us to deliver a custom experience to each suite member and accommodate an array of different methods of entry and varying levels of NFC-based tickets and credentials.”

Boundary Devices has partnered with HID, an industry leader in access control solutions, to integrate its OMNIKEY® 5127CK readers within the Nitrogen Access Control product to enable mobile ticketing. HID’s certifications, which are necessary for the most popular smartphones on the market, have allowed Boundary Devices to get to market quickly with an NFC solution.

“Technology is changing rapidly and Boundary Devices is uniquely positioned to help our partners implement the latest features,” said Pejman Kalkhoran, CEO of Boundary Devices. “With our strong partnership with HID, and significant technical expertise, we can help our customers like the Kansas City Chiefs adopt the latest technology.”

Image: Harmony