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Granada’s Alhambra attraction changes ticketing for public access

The Alhambra, a historical attraction in Granada, Spain, has adjusted its ticketing to increase availability for the general public.

As of March 1, around 70 per cent of passes will go to the public via the official website, the contact centre or in person at the kiosk.

Currently, only 29 per cent are available to the public, while 49 per cent of tickets go to travel agencies. The attraction only allows a certain number of visitors each day.

The Grenadino monument within the complex attracts 2.7 million visitors each year, making it Spain’s most visited attraction.

The ticketing system currently sees several tickets go unused as agencies reserve the tickets three months before possible use and do not have to confirm or pay for them until three days prior and therefore could end up going to waste.

In addition, travel agencies often sell the tickets at an inflated price to third parties, who would then sell them on for even more, resulting in times where thousands of tickets would go unused as people wouldn’t pay the increased prices.

The new system would prevent this from occurring as often as the majority of tickets would be available to the public.

Image: needpix