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TicketSauce unveils ‘no-account’ ticket exchange feature

Event management software firm TicketSauce has launched a ‘no-account’ registration ticketing feature that lets ticket holders swap, upgrade or downgrade tickets without doing a formal ticket exchange.

TicketSauce has enabled organisers to select which tickets are available for upgrades or exchanges, along with restricting promotional codes to be used for either the original transaction, the exchange or upgrade or both.

In other exchanges, a ticketholder would have to create an account, or log in and contact the event organisation. TicketSauce’s new feature aims to streamline the process by eliminating the need for registration.

“As a company focused on assisting event organisers to continue to drive revenue and more registrations to their events, we constantly look for ways to pioneer features to benefit the event ticketing industry,” said Christie Hennes, director of product development at TicketSauce.

“With the release of the no-account registration feature, control of tickets and swaps, upgrades and event features are now in the control of the ticket goer with little to no interaction needed from a support services group on the organiser’s part – making this a win/win for both.”