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Taquilla eyes European expansion after 2019 growth

Spanish ticketing aggregator Taquilla.com saw annual gross ticket sales grow by 30 per cent to €15m in 2019.

The Madrid-based company said it estimated that customers who bought bargain tickets for sports events, concerts and attractions through its portal saved around €2m in total.

Taquilla.com said it hopes for an “explosive year” for the UK market in 2020 after the full launch of its English version best-tickets.co.uk at the end of 2019. The firm is aiming to achieve £3m in gross ticket sales from the UK alone in 2020.

The company is also planning expansion into Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria to make up 30 per cent of its gross overall sales by the end of 2020

David Fraga, Taquilla.com’s chief executive and founder, said: “In 2013, we grew from a small project to the leading Spanish ticket comparator we are today. Now that we have a tried and tested model that we know can work in other countries, we are confident that 2020 is our year to become one of the leading ticketing comparators for cultural events in Europe.”

The ticket aggregator also said it would be seeking to form partnerships with providers, cultural venues of all sizes, and promoters.

Fraga added: “Our team works hard to enable customers to find cultural events with ease and at the best prices. We believe that arts and culture deserve to be promoted and made accessible to all.”