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FlipTix expands portfolio with new PCB Entertainment deal

FlipTix, the tertiary ticketing firm that allows people to sell their tickets as they exit a show early, has renewed and expanded its agreement with US event organiser PCB Entertainment.

Under the new deal, the firm has re-signed its contract with Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam festival in Florida, which attracts more than 20,000 fans to each of the three nights, while adding the SandJam Fest to its portfolio in 2020.

FlipTix allows users to either sell or buy tickets when attendees leave a venue. Ticket holders who exit prior to the end of an event press “I’m gone” in the app, which notifies users outside the event that a ticket is available.

Prices for buyers are established based on the amount of time left in an event (along with other variables), and never above the box office price, while departing fans receive rewards in the form of cash, credit or other compensation after the ticket is Flipped.

FlipTix buyers at Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam and SandJam pick up a brand new activated wristband at a designated FlipTix location at the event venue.

“Working with PCB Entertainment for a second consecutive year and expanding our relationship is a testament to the effectiveness and validity of the FlipTix platform,” FlipTix chief executive Jaime Siegel said. “We’re delighted to be working with them again and thrilled they are willing to embrace our new way of enhancing the customer experience at their events.”

The deal with Florida-based PCB Entertainment also includes a Pre-Event Flip option, where if a festival pass holder’s plans change, they can list their passes for sale at the last listed box office price and receive the bulk of that amount back once it’s purchased by another customer. Interested parties can purchase returned tickets through the FlipTix Pre-Event Flip Platform at the last listed box office price.

PCB Entertainment chief operating officer Mark Sheldon, said: “FlipTix were great partners and their technology made it easy to provide a great customer experience. Our customers had flexibility that we have never been able to provide before, resulting in rewards for them and more revenue for us.

“We are excited to expand our relationship and bring the FlipTix platform to SandJam in 2020, too.”

Image: OrnaW