Full or partial refunds on tickets for the marathon and race walking events at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics have been offered after the events were relocated to Sapporo due to concerns over the heat in the Japanese host city in August.

Tickets for the women’s marathon were sold in bundles with entry to other events, meaning refunds will prove to be more complex than refunds for the men’s marathon, which sold tickets individually.

Those who purchased ticket packages can opt to receive a full or partial refund covering the portion of the price deemed equivalent to entry for the marathon.

For example, those who bought A-level tickets priced at 30,000 yen ($273/€250/£211) can opt for a 5,000 yen refund.

All marathon and race walk events will be held on four consecutive days, from August 6 to 9. The women’s marathon was initially scheduled for August 2. The men’s marathon will remain on the final day of the Games, as per tradition and as originally scheduled.

The International Olympic Committee announced its decision to relocate events from Tokyo, where peak summer temperatures can reach 30°C, in October following the start of ticket sales via lottery to Japanese residents.

Image: Peter Mooney