The Philadelphia 76ers NBA basketball franchise has increased its ticket prices for the 2020-21 season for the second consecutive year.

Tickets are expected to go up across the board from the upper level sections by roughly $7 for the premium courtside views and the mezzanine section of the 19,500-capacity Wells Fargo Center.

Season ticket holders received invoices to renew their plans last week that indicated the price rise, with the team having a waiting list of 16,000 supporters.

The team has a current streak of 120 sold-out home games, with long-running incentives attracting loyal fans back, such as giving returning season ticket holders a discount of 20-25 per cent off their seats.

The team attracts the highest attendance in NBA, with its 2020 average attendance at 20,653, up from 20,441 in 2019.

The 76ers currently has a home season record of 26-2 and looks on track for another playoff appearance.

Image: Peetlesnumber1