Hong Kong’s M+ Pavilion at the West Kowloon Cultural District is scheduled to reopen on Wednesday and has unveiled a series of preventative measures designed to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

In line with the government’s disease prevention and control measures, the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority announced on February 14 that the performing arts venues in the Xiqu Centre, Freespace and M+ Pavilion would remain closed until March.

Visitors to the popular museum will be given temperature check at the reception area and have been told to reschedule their visits if they are experiencing a fever and respiratory symptoms, such as a cough, a sore throat, and a runny nose.

People are required to bring their own masks and wear them properly throughout their visits, and everyone has been told they are responsible for their own rubbish. Used exhibition booklets, postcards, or other printed leaflets will not be reused or recycled by the museum.

The M+ Pavilion said in a statement: “The West Kowloon Cultural District Authority has been closely monitoring the development of the recent epidemic. M+ will review the situation accordingly and take any necessary measures to ensure the safety and hygiene of the M+ Pavilion. We appreciate your understanding and support and would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

Employees will receive daily temperature checks for all front-line staff before work. They are required to wear their masks properly and clean their hands frequently with hand sanitisers when they are on duty.

The M+ Pavilion, which opened in September 2016, serves as the primary site for exhibitions in the run-up to the completion of the M+ building. After M+ opens it will become a new space for artists, designers and organisations to stage independent small-scale exhibitions and events in the Art Park.

Image: Zhung Mid Myfriroo