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Atom Tickets introduces Snapchat ticket sharing feature

US social movie ticketing firm Atom Tickets has added a feature that allows customers to share the plans to see the latest films on Snapchat.

Atom users will be presented with a ‘Share to Snapchat’ button, which they can then use to create and send a message to other users or post to their Story.

Snapchat users that click on the message or Story will be redirected to Atom Tickets where they can purchase a ticket for the same film.

Atom said: “You can add stickers, manipulate the image, whatever you want. You do you. We’ll automatically include a link so that your friends can get their own tickets to join you at the movies. No need for lengthy texts back and forth about time, place, where to meet, etc. Just a few simple taps—the way it should be.”


Atom Tickets is also offering free movie tickets to Amazon customers who place an order through Alexa-powered devices from March 16 to March 29. The offer is limited to one ticket per customer, and orders must be placed through the Atom Tickets voice skill.

The news comes at a turbulent time for cinema as people are increasingly being told to stay at home to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Image: Atom Tickets