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Olympic ticket holders could be denied refunds if cancelled

Tickets holders of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic games are anxiously waiting for word on the event’s status amid coronavirus concerns as reports surface that refunds may not be granted.

The Tokyo 2020 ticketing policy states that organisers would not be held responsible if the Olympics are cancelled due to a number of “force majeure” incidents ranging from natural disasters, war and “states of emergency connected to public health.”

Organisers continue to maintain that the July 24 to August 9 Games will go ahead as scheduled despite the rapid spread of the coronavirus bringing the sports world to a halt.

Earlier today (Wednesday), the International Olympic Committee warned “no solution will be ideal” in preparing for Tokyo 2020 after several athletes spoke out about their fears.

Olympic champion Katerina Stefanidi said the IOC was “risking our health,” according to the BBC.

Britain’s Katarina Johnson-Thompson added: “The IOC advice ‘encourages athletes to continue to prepare for the Olympics Games as best as they can’ with the Olympics only four months away but the government legislation is enforcing isolation at home, with tracks, gyms and public spaces closed.

“I feel under pressure to train and keep the same routine, which is impossible.

“I’m in a very fortunate place given the circumstances. I’m healthy, well supported and I have already qualified for the Olympics. But at this moment it’s difficult to approach the season when everything has changed in the lead up apart from the ultimate deadline.”

The IOC responded, stating: “This is an exceptional situation which requires exceptional solutions. The IOC is committed to finding a solution with the least negative impact for the athletes, while protecting the integrity of the competition and the athletes’ health.

“No solution will be ideal in this situation, and this is why we are counting on the responsibility and solidarity of the athletes.”

Image: Marco Verch Professional Photographer and Speaker