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Satisfi Labs unveils AI-powered Covid-19 Assistant for live industry

AI-powered platform Satisfi Labs has launched a free Covid-19 Assistant to give clients the ability to answer their customers’ coronavirus-related questions in real-time on their websites.

Satisfi created a template for the AI platform using data on the most common questions raised by customers prior to the launch that clients can plug their specific information into.

The 10,000 coronavirus-related questions for more than 200 sports, tourism, and entertainment companies were used to distinguish four categories for the Assistant. These include venue facility changes, refund policies, event cancellations, and event rescheduling, with 98 per cent of client questions falling into these categories.

Don White, chief executive and co-founder of Satisfi Labs, said: “During these uncertain times, we know it’s important for our partners to be able to address pressing questions from their customers about how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting their favourite events, shows, games, and attractions.

“Ultimately, with this development, we’re aiming to create a process to help our clients address these types of emergency questions rapidly to maintain highly communicative and responsive relationships with their valued guests.”

Clients can choose between two versions depending on which questions are most important to their business. The venues-focused Assistant supports venues, stadium and sports teams, while the entertainment and tourism-focused Assistant is more functional for theatres, zoos, aquariums, museums, and amusement parks.

Clients are able to adjust their answers in real-time as their responses to the situation changes by using the self-serve Answer Editor. Additionally, Satisfi Labs has developed Knowtify, a new alert feature, allowing customers to request updates when specific information changes at a location.

Knowtify will help prepare locations for future re-openings as customers will be able to request venues to let them know about matters such as schedule changes and ticket sales.