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Viewpoint: Performances vs exhibits post-COVID-19

A study by IMPACTS Research & Development has found that people in the US would feel more comfortable returning to an exhibit-based organisation over a performing arts venue after COVID-19.

The IMPACTS data, reported by Know Your Own Bone blog, which shares behavioural data and analysis relating to cultural audiences, has quantified the US public’s intentions to visit 84 cultural organisations from art museums and aquariums to theatres to symphonies. It surveyed more than 5,500 adults.

The report, which is updated regularly, found that while 25.3 per cent of respondents would feel comfortable visiting an exhibit-based organisation without any changes, only 14.7 per cent of the respondents feel comfortable visiting a performing arts entity without significant changes in response to the coronavirus.

Exhibit-based organisations include museums, historic sites, zoos, aquariums, and botanic gardens, while performance-based organisations include theatres, symphonies, and ballets.

The study also found that people would feel most comfortable visiting cultural entities when there is a vaccine available, with 90% of respondents saying they would feel safe returning to performance-based events with a vaccine, and 80 per cent for exhibits.

Read the full report from Impacts featured on Know Your Bone here.

Image: Steven Pisano