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Viewpoint: Ticket refund success on an e-commerce platform

Andrew Collier, creative director at Minor Entertainment Group and Family Tickets, has highlighted the success the ticketing company has had in refunding customers via an established e-commerce platform rather than a legacy ticketing platform.

Family Tickets, a UK-based theatre ticketing firm, built its website on the Shopify platform due its library of plug-ins and widgets that it thought could “improve the customer experience.” Shopify is a proprietary e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems.

After the COVID-19 outbreak forced the shutdown of venues, Family Tickets began looking into how they could both refund ticket holders and create gift cards at scale as Minor Entertainment’s tour of In The Night Garden Live was postponed.

Collier has praised the Shopify refund feature Execlify, which allows the firm to process all refunds by uploading a spreadsheet of the customers that have requested a reimbursement.

In order for Family Tickets to process the customers who wanted gift cards, it used the Rise.ai app, which allows users to automatically create gift cards tied to email addresses for varying amounts by uploading a spreadsheet.

Collier said in a blog post: “So thanks to the Shopify platform we’re now great at giving people their money back. We also have a six-figure sum of our customers’ money on gift cards – hopefully before long they’ll be ready to start spending it on shows and attractions again.”

Image:David Joyce