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TixTrack on social distancing and timed-entry

Seat maps will need to adapt to changing ‘lockdown rule’ scenarios as the events sector begins to re-open. Our friends at TixTrack report that they have been busy enhancing the capabilities of their respected mobile-first, Nliven ticketing platform in response to social distancing measures.

“We have been working on a way to sell ticketing in Nliven via a social distancing approach,” Tixtrack’s Michael Arya tells TheTicketingBusiness.com. “We do two things… selling best available in real-time but when someone buys a ticket, we remove the seats around it in real-time. Then when an order is created, the buyer can be placed in a group to help with a timed entry approach into the venue to minimize lines and control the entry into the venue in order to maintain distancing rules.”

The video link here explains the algorithm in operation.


For example, Arya explains, “customers who buy seats in the middle of sections would be grouped together in Group 1 with an earlier entry time than buyers who are in Group 2 based on seats near the aisles.”

The venue can easily change the parameters for safe distancing – based on legislation at the time. The programme can also determine the number of seats needed and the pricing mix to be sold in order to meet potential gross revenues.

Arya concludes: “Everyone at Tixtrack is working hard to provide more options and tools for venues to open sooner and in a safer manner.”