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INTIX hacked webinar underlines online security weaknesses

The International Ticketing Association (INTIX) has reported a “horrifying” hacking incident that took place during a public Zoom meeting this week to the cyber authorities in the US.

During the association’s Wednesday Wisdom Zoom meetings, which welcomes between 200 and 300 people, a so-called “evil troll” used the public nature of the meeting link to enter and take over the screen sharing function.

INTIX shut the meeting down and has since announced safeguarding measures for future meetings on the platform. This includes screen share settings being limited to only the administrator, host and trusted co-hosts.

While it has not commented on the nature of the “shocking” content, INTIX said it has shared information with the CyberTip line for exploited children as well as cyber authorities in the State of Indiana and the City of Indianapolis.

INTIX said: “Unfortunately, earlier this afternoon we encountered a security breach during our industry Zoom call. We want to sincerely apologise to everyone who attended this call and ensure you that we are taking all precautions to prevent this from ever happening again.”

Zoom, which has experienced a surge in popularity during the COVID-19 outbreak, has seen its users continuously fall victim to hackers who have been disrupting video conferences with offensive content, including racist and homophobic imagery.

At present, those with free Zoom accounts must use a password for all meetings, but this is often made publicly available to allow easy accessibility.

Zoom has this week announced it is implementing new security measures in a move designed to prevent “zoombombing.” Its latest security updates will be implemented May 9, while a new level of encryption will also be introduced across the platform from May 30, which it says will “provide increased protection for meeting data and resistance against tampering”.

Image: Zoom

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