Amsterdam-based dance music promoter Audio Obscura has launched a “sunset stream” series in collaboration with the Netherland’s main cinema chain Pathé.

In partnership with Nomobo, the streams are recorded at iconic and historic locations throughout the Netherlands, with various artists to perform at Forteiland Pampus, de Euromast and the Scheepvaartmuseum.

The first stream will be by Joris Voorn at UNESCO world heritage location, Kinderdijk.

The ‘Revere Series’ of Audio Obscura will be shown online, as well as on big screens across the country, with the first to kick off on June 11 and a new one to be premiere every Thursday.

The streams will first be shown exclusively for a week in various cinemas across the Netherlands, and will then go online on Audio Obscura’s channels.

The promoter assures that the events will be in accordance with the guidelines of the Dutch Institute for Health and Environment (RIVM), as 30 people per viewing may take place at a distance of 1.5 meters.

The promoter says: “Visitors are free to dance a little in their own seats.”

Audio Obscura said: “Once we heard from June 1st onwards cinemas were able to open up again, the idea came up to show our streams in cinemas. As soon as we were in touch with Pathé they fortunately loved the idea.

“Teaming up with a common goal created a perfect environment to set this up together. We are happy to create an opportunity for fans to come together again and watch our cutting-edge music streams on a big screen with proper sound.”

Viewers, who can buy tickets for €12.50, can also donate to healthcare charities or to initiatives for the music industry.

Doron Kurz, commercial director Pathé: “We are always looking for unique content for our cinemas. With Audio Obscura, music lovers can enjoy performances of their favourite DJs on the big screen in a safe setting exclusively at Pathé.

“We hope to appeal to visitors who are currently unable to attend a festival or party. This way we are able to offer them a unique experience of their favourite artists.”