Tech provider Phunware is to provide mobile ticketing services to Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign.

The cloud platform for mobile services provider, which supplies products, solutions, data and services for brands worldwide, will develop and manage the Official Trump 2020 App and other platforms through a partnership with American Made Media Consultants (AMMC), which handles media buying for the campaign.

As well as managing mobile ticketing for in-person events, the Texas-headquartered group’s technology will also support sign-up tools for volunteers, scheduling, streaming and a gamified loyalty system.

“We are extremely honoured to be a key strategic relationship for American Made Media Consultants, tasked with developing, launching and supporting the branded app portfolio for our country’s President and Vice President,” said Alan Knitowski, Phunware’s president and chief executive.

“Our software provides the Trump-Pence team with powerful mobile tools for their high-profile re-election campaign, allowing seamless one-to-one user engagement and interactions on a reliable and proven global platform.”

While no in-person rallies are currently being held due to the COVID-19 outbreak, President Trump will undoubtedly be a big draw when venues reopen until the election in November.

During the 2016 campaign, some 323 Trump rallies during the primary season and general election attracted a total attendance of around 1.4 million. While Trump rallies are free to attend those wishing to be in the audience must reserve tickets.

Phunware, founded in 2009, works with clients in aviation, healthcare, hospitality and sports and large event venues. Its partners include Live Nation, WWE and AT&T Stadium.

Image: The Epoch Times (Flickr) / app image added