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Viewpoint: Parents keen to return to attractions

Around 80 per cent of parents in the UK said they are keen to return to events and attractions once the government allows them to open, according to a survey by Family Tickets.

Family Tickets, a UK-based theatre ticketing firm, found that for 64 per cent of parents the government’s word on gatherings being safe is the most important factor in determining their plans.

In addition, clear information about social distancing and flexible booking policies were also of major importance for families.

More than 90 per cent of respondents said they felt that it was reasonable to ask them to decide whether they wanted to change their date or take a credit voucher by 9pm the night before the event.

The most popular attractions amongst families were zoos or wildlife attractions, with 78 per cent, while theatres ranked last at 47 per cent.

Andrew Collier, creative director at Minor Entertainment Group and Family Tickets, said in a blog post: “Overall, some cause for optimism. One of the many things that no-one knows is *when* the government will say it’s safe for events and attractions to reopen, but we can be pretty sure that when the time comes, there will be significant demand in the family market.”

Image:David Joyce