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Snapchat unveils series of third-party ‘Minis’ with Atom Tickets, Coachella

Snapchat has launched a series of third-party programmes called ‘Minis’, with Atom Tickets and Coachella as two of its initial releases.

With the launch of the Atom Mini, users will be able to watch film trailers, buy cinema tickets and share movie plans with friends within the Snapchat app.

Following a ticket purchase, Snapchatters can share a post containing event details with individual friends, a group or to a Snap Story. The post will include a link for friends to get their own tickets to join in and choose seats nearby.

The mini allows users to share a film’s synopsis and trailer to the social media app and can bring their Snapchat Bitmoji into the experience and see it in their selected seat when they link their account with Atom.

Matthew Bakal, co-founder and chairman of Atom Tickets, said: “It’s clear that our customers are Snap users and that Snap users are movie lovers. We’re always looking at where our customers spend their time so that we can deliver the best experience in a way that’s most convenient for them.

“The Movie Tickets by Atom Mini builds upon our existing DNA as a socially driven platform that makes moviegoing easier and brings friends together.”

Earlier this year, Atom introduced ‘Share to Snap’ in the Atom Tickets app, a way to share trailers and movie plans from Atom to their Snap story or to a chat.

Music festival Coachella also has its own mini to allow Snapchat users and festivalgoers to plan their line-up preferences with friends.

The 250,000-person event, which has this week been officially cancelled due to the fear of a COVID-19 resurgence, was originally scheduled for April, but will now take place in 2021.

Snap detailed the other first five Minis that will begin rolling out to the app next month, including Headspace, Let’s Do It, Prediction Master, Saturn and Tembo.