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Blockchain platform TIXnGO unveils AI module to tackle fraud

Blockchain ticketing platform TIXnGO has launched a new artificial intelligence module to help prevent ticket fraud.

The technology enables analysis of ticketing data and detects suspicious behaviours by ticket holders that may be damaging to the event organisers.

The tool traces all ticket transfers in real-time and uses graph detection algorithms to identify potential fraud within the ticket lifecycle.

Through the new module, event organisers can see a visual representation of the transfers of all tickets, pointing out which users might need to be monitored.

TIXnGO said in a statement: “For example, a spectator that sells all their tickets would be worth investigating as they may be doing so for profit at an inflated price.”

TIXnGO claims that its machine learning algorithms have already identified multiple “suspicious patterns, which were previously running undetected and untraced.”

In addition, the firm is looking into the possibility of assigning trust scores to ticket holders based on previous behavioural patterns, while at the same time preserving the ticket holder’s personal data privacy rights.

Salah Nait Mouloud, TIXnGO’s senior technology lead, said: “Paired with our blockchain-based TIXnGO solution, we are still at the early stages of applying AI machine learning to detect abnormal patterns in the ticketing distribution graph.

“Yet, our new module already provides previously unreachable high-value insights, helping event rights holders to understand the transfer patterns of their entire digital ticket inventory and act upon it.”

TIXnGO’s platform has used blockchain to securely distribute tickets for major sporting events run by both global and European sports organisations, including football tickets on behalf of UEFA.

It also announced last month it would use its system to Health n Go, a secure health certificate mobile delivery solution to support businesses once COVID-19 restrictions are eased.