Eventbrite has released a COVID-19 Safety Playbook for Events to help event creators safely return to live events.

The guide, which has been published in collaboration with risk management and health experts at the Chertoff Group, has been designed to provide resources to adopt new safety policies and procedures that follow the COVID-19 advice of health officials and regulators.

Eventbrite used advice from the World Health Organisation, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention and Johns Hopkins Centre for Health Security.

Michael Chertoff, co-founder and executive chairman of The Chertoff Group, said: “As the world contemplates safe ways to re-open during the COVID-19 pandemic, our team was proud to leverage our risk management methodology and experience – as well as the latest health and safety guidance – to help Eventbrite develop actionable resources that empower Eventbrite’s event creators to make risk-based decisions around when and how to host their events.”

It will help creators to understand their role and responsibility in identifying and managing the risk of COVID-19 transmission at their event.

The guidance will also help organisers to create a pre-event safety checklist to identify potential transmission risks that may affect their event, understand opportunities to manage those risks, and make informed decisions about risk acceptance.

Finally, it will provide advice on how to communicate safety policies and procedures to event staff and attendees, including their respective roles in increasing the likelihood of a safe event.

Linsey Morrison, vice president of policy and platform operations at Eventbrite, said: “At Eventbrite, it’s our job to empower our community of creators with the tools they need to host incredible events, with safety top-of-mind. The connections we make through live events are a staple of society.

“These real life experiences are what make communities whole and it’s imperative that as the world opens back up, creators have resources to make informed decisions about event safety, and that attendees walk into events with confidence and clarity on how event creators are taking steps to protect their well-being. Our playbook is designed to help provide that.”