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Ticket Victory scam closed in Indiana

Indiana’s authorities have permanently closed an “online ticket scammer” which repeatedly defrauded customers by selling fake tickets to National Football League (NFL) games and concerts.

State Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced that an Assurance of Voluntary Compliance will see Indiana-based Ticket Victory shut down and founder Brian Plowcha barred from conducting any online ticket business.

The settlement, filed in Allegheny County Court, will pay back more than $24,000 in consumer restitution, $3,500 in costs and a $10,000 suspended penalty. It provides for all known victims of the scam to receive a full refund and opens a 60-day window for further consumers to make claims for refunds against Ticket Victory, which operated from 2015 to 2018.

“Ticket Victory’s failure to provide valid tickets to consumers who paid for them resulted in frustration, embarrassment and disappointment for impacted consumers,” Shapiro said. “This company put on a show of selling real products to Pennsylvanians, but never delivered.”

Online reviews of Ticket Victory outline a host of examples of customers not receiving the tickets they bought in good faith.

“This company scammed us out of $600 for Taylor Swift tickets,” one customer from Pennsylvania wrote in 2018. “He doesn’t respond to emails, doesn’t answer his phone. Am currently working with my credit card company, the local police, and the BBB to make sure he gets shut down.”