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LIVE IT and SSTC launch social-distancing seating system

The LIVE IT ticketing agency has collaborated with event management solutions provider SSTC to launch a new system designed to maximise capacities at events whilst conforming to social-distancing measures.

DSD: Dynamic Social Distancing, which uses algorithms to optimise available venue seating during the sales process, is now exclusively available from LIVE IT in the UK. The system can be integrated with most digital event management and ticketing software solutions.

DSD adjusts the seating plan with every sale to ensure social-distancing measures are maintained, while the system is fully adjustable, allowing event operators to adapt to new regulations as and when they are introduced by the government.

“DSD has shown increases in occupancy of upwards of 30% over the best existing methods which, besides maximising revenue, could mean the difference between a viable operation or closure for many organisations,” LIVE IT’s sales director, Charles Bruner, said.

SSTC director Jim Brown added: “Automating social distancing by utilising seating algorithms as in the DSD: Dynamic Social Distancing product is one way that event organisations and venues can transition from lockdowns to greater capacity at live events.”

The current guidance in England and Wales is that people should remain two metres apart from each other where possible. In Scotland, social distancing of two metres is applied in all settings for everyone over the age of 12. In Northern Ireland, as is the case in most other European countries, the guidance is to remain at least one metre apart, with the previous two-metre measure having been discontinued from late June.

As reported previously by TheTicketingBusiness, UK Music, the umbrella body for the UK music industry, has been just one of the trade organisations in the country to warn of the dire financial consequences of social distancing measures in venues without further government support.

Image: David Joyce(CC BY-SA 2.0)