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Case study: How tactical integration can manage growth

Softjourn, a global technology services provider, helped cloud-based ticketing platform SecuTix manage a period of high growth by creating new functionality without breaking the bank.

In this case study, it highlights how Softjourn initially assisted SecuTix in its goal to make its ticketing product be able to transact with external ticketing software, read data through the API, and transfer that information to its platform.

The plugin Softjourn wrote provided a connection between the two ticketing services, allowing transference of information about an event and venue, available seats, best available seat recommendation, and ticket order completion.

According to Softjourn, integrating an internal system to external resources offers many benefits, a few of which are cost savings, viable off-the-shelf software, and preconfigured mechanisms to maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Customer data is the key to creating a personalised experience, which is, these days, the best way to rise above the noise. Customer relationship management (CRM) systems as an industry is expected to reach more than $80bn in revenues by 2025.

After the success of the initial project between the two firms, the next step was developing a Salesforce plugin for SecuTix’s ticketing product.

With the plugin, SecuTix platform users can ensure the information in one system is accurate with the details in their in-house CRM system, thanks to a live-data feed from the SecuTix system.

In between February 2018 and May 2019, Softjourn wrote code for an additional 24 plugins and integrations to assist SecuTix in achieving omnichannel payment in its ticketing platform. This allowed SecuTix to accept payment through multiple payment gateways, especially those connected to audiences in various physical locations.

Marc Mazzariol, VP of product for SecuTix, said: “Softjourn helped us manage our growth. We were growing 30% year over year. Softjourn had a key area of expertise to provide us tactical help.”

Head over to Softjourn for the full case study here.