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Greenfield Sports Group rebrands as FanRally

US software company Greenfield Sports Group, which specialises in fan membership models for sports and entertainment organisations, has rebranded to FanRally.

The company, which was founded by Chris Giles, former chief operating officer of Major League Baseball (MLB) franchise Oakland A’s and NFL American football team San Francisco 49ers, said the move has been designed to reflect its focus on fan membership software.

FanRally is seeking to empower teams and entertainment properties to transform their live event business model from selling ticket products to building long-term meaningful member relationships.

“FanRally conveys our commitment to empowering teams and other sports and entertainment properties to create modern fan-centric membership programs via our software platform,” said Giles, CEO of FanRally. “We also needed the flexibility to expand beyond sports and FanRally is a perfect fit.

“In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, an increasing number of teams are modernising their approach to memberships. Traditional season ticket buyers, that tend to skew older, will likely be the slowest to return to live events.

“Our platform will enable teams to offer flexible membership options that not only appeal to younger and much broader audiences, but also allow teams to manage memberships and seating inventory in partial capacity environments.”