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Digital pass helps Swiss nightclubs reopen via track and trace

More than 75,000 event and nightclub patrons in Switzerland have used digital ticket Swiss Night Pass since its launch in May in order to adhere to new traceability measures.

The digital solution allows the organisers to collect the contact information of all the participants and is free for clubs, bars, discos, nightlife events, as well as for users.

The technology, run by software platform Smeetz, facilitates the mandatory creation of attendance lists and automates the collection of phone numbers at the entrance of nightclubs, bars and events.

Many cantons in Switzerland have already reopened nightclubs and Smeetz said its mission is now to make sure that they can respect the traceability and health measure while remaining profitable.

Loris Savary, chief operating officer at Smeetz, told TheTicketingBusiness that the company wanted to support the Swiss nightlife ecosystem following the COVID-19 shutdown by offering the use of its technology for free.

He added: “As members of the nightlife community, the survival of the ecosystem was indeed crucial to us.

“The synergy between the institutions and convenience for the clubbers to use one single pass for every institution they will visit made our project the most successful of its kind. We are also convinced that this crisis finally accelerated the needed digitalisation of the industry. Smeetz is the perfect tool to facilitate a digitalisation which will be beneficial to everyone.”

Savary added that the feedback from its 70 clients that have adopted the pass highlighted that the technology helped them to reopen, as many admitted they would have not been able to respect the traceability measure without it.

He said the manual creation of the attendance list and the control of all the phone numbers collected at the entrance would have not been manageable in terms of workforce and profitability.

The digital pass evolved after Smeetz launched its Save-The-Night platform at the end of April after the closing of all Swiss nightclubs. The solidarity platform aimed to support all the players of the nightlife ecosystem, including nightclubs, concert halls and DJs through donations or the purchase of vouchers.

“The idea (of Save-The-Night) was to bring together and federate all the members of the nightlife community to collect donations and sell vouchers,” Savary said. “The reunion of numerous players including artists, nightclubs and festivals offered a lot of visibility to the initiative and its members.”

The company is also looking to boost the industry’s profitability by using dynamic pricing, marketing automation and facilitating cross-selling strategies.