Norwegian-based developers have launched a new passport for the event industry, which will verify ticketholders’ COVID-19 status when attending live public events.

MovementPass is a mobile phone-based app, providing an end-to-end solution to verify that the user has COVID-19 antibodies and is not infectious or at risk of contracting the virus.

The companies that sign-up to MovementPass’ verification system pay a minimal per-use fee, which allows the app to be free for the end user.

The app is aiming to support the return of events across the live events industry including concerts, festivals, gigs, stadiums, theatre and more, with the ability to verify an individual’s COVID status, as part of the entry procedure.

However, as vaccines and antibody tests have not yet been approved, MovementPass is not an immediate solution as an authentication tool to get industries moving again.

David Norris, the UK spokesperson for MovementPass and director at Beyond 90, said: “The UK events industry was decimated overnight when the country went into lockdown, it was a big shock to the industry with no time to prepare.

“MovementPass is allowing the industry to change that and to be equipped for when events do resume. It is a positive step in the right direction to get our economy booming again and our much-loved events back open. We are calling for venues, promoters, festival management, event professionals to be aligned as an industry, in the movement and access process of eventgoers, using MovementPass as the system to make this happen.

“MovementPass is working to be a step ahead of others, for when vaccines and the efficacy of antibody and t-cell tests move forward in the approval process. Users can register their interest now at, and when vaccines and tests are available near them, they will be alerted and provided with information on how to access these. MovementPass is also working to secure funding to make vaccines available for free for registered MovementPass users.”

Individual users can register for the MovementPass app for free and when they are able to receive a vaccine or antibody test following their approval, the medical staff can upload the results directly into MovementPass’ secure blockchain database, along with information about the duration of the immunity that the individual has.

This information is then made available via the mobile phone app to registered companies and service providers when the user wants to gain access to a public event.

Jon Drape, a director at Engine No.4, said: “As lockdown happened, we were in the middle of production for a series of large-scale events, which all had to be paused. The pandemic has hit the events industry hard, but MovementPass is exactly what we need to help us get back quicker and safer – a pioneering tool that can provide reliable data on a ticketholder’s COVID status.

“I’m calling on my event industry peers to get behind this as a system that’s used across the board. And once it’s in place, individual users can sign-up and access the app as their safe immunity passes to attend future gigs, festivals and concerts, once again.”