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German picnic-style distanced concert series attracts 30,000 fans

A concert series in Germany has attracted 30,000 socially distanced fans over the course of the summer across multiple cities.

Picknick Konzerte, which took place in Berlin, Dresden, Cologne, Leipzig and Münster between July to September, included 30 open-air shows at which visitors sat on assigned blankets at a distance.

Organised by Landstreicher Booking in cooperation with Kingstar, Prime Entertainment and Vagrant Cultural Productions, the artists included Milky Chance, LEA, Faber, Joris, Helge Schneider and more.

However, the organisers said that these concerts “are not economically viable,” despite many sold-out shows. Landstreicher told MusikWoche that the picnic concerts are “of course not a substitute” for concerts under normal conditions. Adding: “Nevertheless, the shows in this series offered an unforgettable, relaxed and beautiful live experience for the first time in months, whether in front of, on or behind the stage.”

Martin Vejmelka, managing director at Vagrant cultural productions (Dresden and Leipzig), said: “We are proud that our teams in Leipzig, Dresden and Berlin, in cooperation with the colleagues from Kingstar in Münster and Prime Entertainment in Cologne, were able to develop attractive venues in a very short time, have developed hygienic concepts that can be approved and have created impressive productions.

“Together with our tour partners, we were able to put a diverse program on the stage and, contrary to expectations, enable many people to have a few touching live music experiences in summer 2020. We are particularly pleased that with the picnic concerts we were able to provide our long-term production partners with a tiny ray of hope in a time full of rejections.”

Last month, Germany announced it would ban large events where contacts cannot be traced and hygiene regulations cannot be complied with until next year.

Image: Picknick Konzerte Facebook