Digital music company Gigmit has launched Fan Charts, which allows concert promoters to see bookable acts that are currently popular in a certain region.

The platform highlights live acts and DJs of a desired genre that are the most popular in their city – based on current fan and streaming data.

“We want to help aspiring artists to achieve a breakthrough”, said Gigmit product manager Michael Zirnstein, who is responsible for the development of the charts.

“The Gigmit FAN CHARTS promote the discovery of truly up-and-coming, international and independent artists who would otherwise remain further under the radar. At the same time, they give promoters a transparent overview of which act is trending in their city and has an audience. This is new and it’s super important!”

The Gigmit FAN CHARTS are based on the Gigmit FAN INSIGHTS, which were introduced in March 2020 and supported by ‘Music Moves Europe’, an EU-backed fund. These make the current fan growth visible at a glance in the artist profiles of the booking platform. The new charts now bundle this information into clear recommendation rankings that can be adjusted by genre and location.

Promoters who are registered can automatically see the charts with the key data of the current location at the beginning. The charts are sorted by Facebook fans and the monthly Spotify listeners in a particular city and the corresponding Gigmit artist pages of the DJs and live acts are also linked.

The Fan Charts are currently only optimised for desktop applications, but the company said that in the future, additional search filters will be implemented, in addition to total metrics, growth, origin and periods of data analysis (between seven days and 12 months) can be selected.

Gigmit is a data-driven platform representing booking for both live acts and promoters. Since the founding of the company in 2012, over 120,000 artists have used the platform to apply for gigs of all genres, while more than 8,500 promoters have registered.

So far, more than 30,000 gigs have been advertised on Gigmit – with a total order volume of more than €8m.