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SecuTix’s new tools help clients shift tickets amid COVID-19

Lancashire Cricket Club and Premier League football club Southampton are among those to implement SecuTix’s new suite of tools aimed at helping venues reboot their ticketing operations in a flexible way when reopening amid COVID-19.

The Swiss-based company has added seven new features to its SecuTix 360° SaaS Ticketing Platform to help firms pivot amid the fast-changing nature of the coronavirus crisis.

The new optimal seat selection tool uses SecuTix’s algorithm to sell tickets for live events whilst respecting social distancing rules. It allows clients to adjust the parameters for seats in line with local regulations, ensuring the best available seat for every attendee.

For a different approach, the firm’s new post-seating module gives clients the ability to separate sales from seat allocation, allowing tickets to go on sale while assigning seats later, once social distancing regulations are finalised. The firm said this becomes useful when seating rules and the optimal configuration of a venue for future events are still unknown, but organisations want to start selling tickets. When seats are ready to be allocated, seating can be fine-tuned, prioritising customers who have purchased the best seats, and optimising the way the venue is filled in.

Frédéric Longatte, chief executive of SecuTix, said: “Everyone in the ticketing industry is having to rethink their way of working. Now, more than ever before, our clients need an agile tech solution that can respond and react efficiently.

“Some of these tools were already on the platform, but clients rarely required them. COVID has changed all this so we’ve upgraded existing tools and introduced new ones that we’re confident will sport venues future proof their operations.”

The company’s other tools include an option to monetise streaming or virtual events, as well as mass refunding and cancellation features and automatic email notification of refund payments.

SecuTix has also released a tool that allows for the implementation of timeslots to manage the flow of people entering a venue, the timeslot feature is available at the point of ticket purchase. The venue can set the period of time and quotas for that slot to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Jonathon Nuttall, head of ticketing and hospitality sales at Emirates Old Trafford, home to Lancashire CCC, said: “The experience of watching live sport has changed and we need to be equipped to handle these new challenges. Now, more than ever before, it’s vital that we have a flexible ticketing technology partner that gives us the ability to respond quickly and communicate clearly with our fans.

“SecuTix’s new tools provide that agility, giving us access to solutions for situations we’ve never faced before. We’ve already used the automatic refund system that helped us to process bulk refunds for cancelled matches, reassure fans and reduce the number of enquiries to our customer service team. Working with SecuTix puts Lancashire Cricket in a strong position to welcome fans back safely into the venue.”

Image: SecuTix