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Events at Frankfurt’s Deutsche Bank Park deemed a success

The LIVE IM PARK series of events, which welcomed eight days of socially-distanced crowds, came to a close at the weekend in Frankfurt’s Deutsche Bank Park.

The series at the 51,500-capacity stadium, home to Bundesliga football club Eintracht Frankfurt, saw a small event stage set up in front of the business seats especially for the new event format.

The set-up allowed visitors to experience the music and entertainment program outdoors, in line with COVID-19 measures, but at the same time roof covered. It also ensured traceability and fan safety through personalised tickets, a limit on the maximum number of visitors per event day and capacity management guaranteed a safe minimum distance of 1.5m between the guests.

The programme across the eight days of the event include a Eintracht Frankfurt Final Cup film event, tribute shows by Bee Gees and Queen or an entertainment talk with the two RTL Formula 1 reporters Kai Ebel and Heiko Wasser.

Patrik Meyer, managing director of Eintracht Frankfurt Stadion GmbH and organiser of the LIVE IM PARK event series, said: “Despite the external circumstances, we can draw an all-round satisfactory conclusion. Not only the event designed for the LIVE IM PARK event series and taking into account the official requirements set-up, but also the always exemplary and considerate behavior of all spectators, enabled a safe and successful implementation of the event, which was always Corona compliant.

“This is also proven not least by the many positive responses we received from performers and the event visitors. We are pleased that we were able to set a small example for the culture.”