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European music industry urges EU to back culture

Some 110 cultural organisations have called on the EU and its member states to ensure that a minimum of two per cent of each national recovery budget is allocated to the cultural and creative sector.

In two open letters, one addressed to the European Commission, one addressed to the national government of each member state, the co-signers urge national recovery plans to include for culture and distribute the money accordingly, in line with the European Parliament’s recent call in its Resolution on the cultural recovery of Europe.

One of the letters states: “It is our common duty to preserve culture in these challenging times, and we hope you will do everything possible to safeguard the diversity, vibrancy and richness of Europe.

“These letters come as Europe finds itself at the beginning of a second wave that will undoubtedly increase the impact of the pandemic crisis on the economy as a whole, and culture in particular.

“While some first steps have been taken to support the sector, much more is needed at EU and national level.”

Amongst the more than 100 signatories are the European Arenas Association (EAA), European network for live music associations (Live DMA) and the International Federation of Musicians (FIM).


Germany’s Music Industry Forum, which consists of the six major associations in the industry, has demanded that economic aid during the lockdown be granted to all companies across the music industry.

Germany entered a second partial lockdown on November 2 to try to stem the number of COVID-19 cases from spreading through the country.

Chancellor Angela Merkel has this week announced a €10bn support for affected businesses, with firms with up to 50 workers, and the self-employed, to have up to 75 per cent of their previous year’s November turnover reimbursed by the government.

However, the Forum states that numerous companies in the music industry fall through the gaps of the support net.

It states: “The current decision to compensate for financial losses in November requires necessary corrections. Without a differentiated view of the very heterogeneous industry and clearer definitions of the beneficiaries, the aids will not be targeted and, above all, will not arrive where they are urgently needed. All areas of the music industry are economically very closely interlinked and interdependent.”

The Music Industry Forum has asked for self-employed people to receive €2,500 during the month-long lockdown in November, as well as including the wider network of businesses in the government’s funding allocations.